Wellbeing First Charter brochure

Wellbeing First Charter brochure

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Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life - from how employees think and feel about work and their workplace, to the quality and safety of the work environment. Ultimately, wellbeing is about ensuring employees are healthy, satisfied and engaged.

Gaining accreditation to SSG’s Wellbeing First Charter will demonstrate that your company views the health and wellbeing of employees as of utmost importance. In return, you will reap the following benefits from investment:

  • Improved company performance, with reduced levels of absence and presenteeism
  • Employees have a sense of purpose and feel valued, resulting in improved levels of staff retention
  • Better work organisation, leading to a healthy work / life balance.

The Wellbeing First Charter is based on a framework assessment which examines all aspects of employee wellbeing in the workplace. Our service enables your company to readily identify areas for improvement, to embed new systems and ways of working, and to recognise and appreciate more forward-thinking ways of working.